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Retouch4me Frequency Separation

Retouch4me Frequency Separation — free Photoshop plugin for retouching

Oleg Sharonov


The plugin creates 2 or 3 separate layers in Photoshop for retouching: high frequency layer with the fine texture, medium frequency layer with major spots and defects and low frequency layer with depth and color. Standalone version can be used to control clarity of the entire image as well as add a soft-focus effect by adjusting a certain frequency range. Photoshop Plug-In and Standalone software for Windows & MacOS


By purchasing this LUT Pack you are getting the access to LUTs in LUT Cloud, 3D LUT Creator, 3D LUT Creator video plug-ins for DaVinci Resolve, Vegas PRO, Nuke, Scratch, Natron, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, and 3DLUT mobile app. To use the LUTs you need an internet connection on your computer or mobile device. LUT Pack can not be downloaded directly. Author can update the pack, updates will be available to you instantly.
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